I have built this website primarily for those involved or interested in the performing arts, which consist of the forms known to be “temporal,” such as theater, dance, dance theater, ballet, music, performance art, and film/video. My goal is to persuade the readers to consider and assess the fundamental properties of these activities from broader points of view, hoping to inspire them to generate new ideas.

My approach is based on the standpoint that art is created for transmission of meaning to perceivers. Accordingly, I close in on the subject matter starting with the basic concepts of meaning-making and communication. In that respect, I believe that those interested in “spatial” art forms and in communications in general may find the website beneficial as well.

The site consists of a series of essays that are my subjective and exploratory evaluations of particular topics, organized in a loose sequence. I am aware that many of those who have chosen a profession in the arts may find my views unrealistic, even nonsensical. I have no interest in invalidating anyone’s work or ideas, I just put the things I believe to be “issues” on the table for consideration.

I should point out that the site is not aimed at being scholarly. In fact, I do my best to avoid the typical term-laden academic and “artspeak” language. I firmly believe that thoughts on the arts can be expressed in intelligible, conversational language. My writings tend to contain a good deal of examples, mainly not to let the idea detach itself from its application.

The most appealing aspect of undertaking this project is the fact that the ideas I am sharing will be read voluntarily by those who find them interesting and beneficial, without any investment in any form except for sparing some time. In that respect, I see this technological opportunity to reach everyone directly and honestly as an extraordinarily positive development the mankind has achieved.

I have tried to indicate the sources of borrowed opinions and information but not as meticulously as required in academic writings. The “references” page contains a list of the major sources I have used.